Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wee Care Projects

Our main charity contribution for the year involves the creation of garments for infants who are stillborn or suffer a fetal demise. This project called Wee Care provides a beautiful gown for burial and are donated to hospitals and funeral homes for families undergoing such a loss. In the midst of so much sadness, it is comforting to family members to know that someone cared enough to present them with something so special for their baby. Throughout the year, these garments are created with much love and compassion. It is our honor to be a part of such a meaningful project each year.

For more information on patterns and instructions for these garments, visit and click on Wee Care.

Still Magnolias SAGA

Welcome to the new blogspot for Still Magnolias SAGA, Monroe, Louisiana. This group was formed in March 2007 for the purpose of joining together with friends who love sewing, embroidering, crocheting and smocking.

As someone who had always sewn, I had a great interest in learning to smock. It seemed as though it was an art that was not being passed down to younger generations, but after I met with this group, I found out that more and more people, young and old alike, were sparking an interest in this lovely handwork. With the help of an extremely talented teacher, Karen Simons, I began my journey to learn these beautiful stitching techniques. Her patience and encouragement has been a blessing to me and to so many others. From smocking to embroidery, her stitches and sewing projects are beautiful. She offers so much help and gives so much of her own personal time to helping others learn this art. For me, the time spent with this group has given me the "relaxation therapy" that I so desperately needed. I find myself forgetting the stresses of work when I can pick up a garment and work on perfecting my stitches. I just hope one day my work looks as great as Karen's!

For all you smockers, seamstresses and embroidery lovers, we hope you'll consider joining our group. We meet the first Tuesday evening of each month at 6 p.m. at the Council on Aging on Ferrand Street in Monroe. Some even make a day of it with joining for lunch and sit-and-sew until 6 p.m. One day (when I get to retire), I'll be among those joining at the great places they choose for lunch. Until then, I'll just meet as often as I can. It truly is so much fun and we hope you'll come and be a part of our group!

Debbie Chunn